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Dali Collection Journal

Dali Collection Journal

Follow the Journey of our Dali Collection

From a region synonymous with Filipino Spanish design, our Dali Collection, stays true to traditional craftsmanship, whilst reimagining through contemporary design.
Amelie Chairs in the dining room
Through a workshop of craftsman who have perfected the craft through generation to generation, this collection highlights and celebrates natural resources such as seagrass, gmelina wood, native mahogany and raffia. Respectfully handmade through traditional processes and techniques.
Each and every piece in this collection is handcrafted from start to finish with the devoted attention of its artisan.
Standing in unison, our pieces truely embody the ethos of 'slow interiors' giving each piece the time to breath, cure and set in its form.
We work closely with our craftsman, ensuring we share the story of the journey in respect to our Heritage and in line with our continue support and celebration of traditional Filipino craft.

Watch the video to follow our Dali Collection Journey

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