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An Interview with SANE.

An Interview with SANE.

We are thrilled to exclusively introduce Sane Studio, a small ceramic design house based in Shenzen, China that celebrates unpolished, harmonious and elegant designs, whilst respecting the handcrafted nature of ceramic form.
Originated from “healthy” in Latin at the early 17th century, SANE refers to the status where the mind and body are extremely calm and relaxed as work anxiety and social stress are removed to find the inner self and listen to the inner voice.
We sat down with Sally and Vivienne to discuss the evolution of SANE.
How did you start your careers?
We lived and studied in London for over 7 years (S studied Womenswear Design and Artwork Management, V majored in International Media Communication and Fashion Public Relationship). After graduating and returning to China, the idea of starting a business together began to emerge, But the time was not yet ripe. At that time, we both got our first job from different fashion companies. After experiencing the fast pace and over-consumption of commercial fashion industries, we realized that such a pace of life is contradictory to our own perceptions. Therefore, after more than half a year of planning, design and production, Sane was finally launched in this year.
We feel that everyone needs SANE in a noisy society, so it was born naturally. Sane is about slowing down, reading a book, arranging a bouquet of flowers, taking life seriously and finding your true self.
Where do you draw inspiration from?
We inspired by the curiosity about the African world; the female image described by the novelist Karen Bilxen; and the stories of self-growth and self-redemption during the journey. Hence, we choose red clay with a heavier feeling as the raw material for the embryo body, because red clay represents the blood, raw and rough vitality of the African land. And because Barbara Hepworth said that sculptural ceramics must be touched, so the surface is matched with a sandy glaze, just to highlight the texture of handwork. When surrounded by a bunch of industrialised mass-produced products, we prefer to use free and handmade works to reflect the temperature of our products, and the authenticity and relaxation that unique touch can bring.
Describe your average work day:
Working from the fashion industry into the home industry is very new and challenging for us. We love the infinite energy that comes from combining the two. Curating thematic exhibitions in different cities to express our aesthetic attitude is also something we will be doing in the future. There is also a new limited edition design pottery coming next from our architectural artist friends in the US, to bring up more possibility to the brand. We are brain storming and adjusting little details everyday which can be stressful as we are trying to combine with another direction into our ceramics but we are extremely excited at the same time. Also, we hope to participate in some design competitions, which is another commercial project.
What advice would you give to someone considering pursuing a creative career?
1: Make plans and always be enthusiastic, both about work and life.
2: Keep a curious mind and humble attitude towards learning, only by constantly learning will you progress and gain a better you.
3: Be brave enough to pursue your dreams. This sounds very inspirational, but it did encourage us. Don’t be afraid of failure when you are young, accumulate the necessary experience first.
4: Don't think about success overnight, refuse to be impetuous, and settle. This is difficult, but it is necessary. Go for it, don’t be afraid. Before starting everything, please learn, research and explore.
Go to place for inspiration?
There are two different places.
  1. Any good exhibitions, any place that can inspire and learn.
  2. London of course, where our most passion and relaxation comes from.
How would you describe your aesthetic?
Contemporary aesthetic, simple and highly iconic. Aesthetic formation is a long-term process of cultivation and accumulation. We are fortunate to have grown up and learned in London at the age when it is most easily absorbed. We went through a number of trials and iterations during our student years. We like the Row, Jil sander, Toteme for example, all of which have the same taste and tone. These brands have a strong influence on our lifestyle, with a focus on comfort and quality, while still being fashionable. In fashion we can call it gentle woman style, in life it can be modern comfy.
One piece that instantly elevates a space?
We believe that space should not only be functional but also humane and culturally sensitive. All products are our treasures. For example, the simple outlines of shoulder and belly button with unique glaze can evoke people's inner sympathy and connection with objects, and are suitable for placement in all neutral spaces. The new braid collection in 2022 is more vivid, and we have also made more attempts in colour, so that the product can definitely become the centre piece of the home.
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