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Shifting Sands By Denise Quah

Shifting Sands By Denise Quah

Introducing the incredible second body of work from Melbourne based Artist, Denise Quah.

A collection of mixed media artworks that offer a tactile and evoking sense of calm in your home. We sat down with Denise to discus all aspects of life inspiration and her creative process.

We love having your pieces here at En Gold, can you talk us through your favourite piece from this collection?

Thank you and I’m so happy to be part of the En Gold family! This is a hard one because they are all my favourites. I must say I love the first piece (Shifting Sands No.1) because it was the one that started this whole journey.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Nature, colours, textiles, and travels. My art also explores the Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi - to find nature’s beauty in every aspect of imperfection which is conveyed through earth tones and textured plaster that are reminiscent of organic shapes.

Can you take us through your journey into making your artworks?

I always start by sketching my ideas as I tend to work on larger sizes so that helps with the composition. With my current works, I use plaster and gauze to create texture and capture movement before layering colours to create subtle depth and set the tone of the painting.
Denise Quah

Go to scent for ultimate relaxation? Where would you be transported to?

The smell of fresh pine always brings me back to my childhood during Christmas at my grandmother’s house. There would be a huge pine tree and I got to open my presents at midnight below the tree.

Who is your muse?

Mother nature! It could be the waves on a beach or rocks with interesting formations and tones. I find my best ideas come to me at night in bed when images of shapes, lines, and composition come together in my mind.

What are your go-to songs when it comes to creating and working?

Classical music always puts me in the mood! I also love listening to podcasts such as Art Wank and Interview with an Artist.

What would your ultimate self-care day look like?

Creating, wine, and good music!
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