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Christina Armstrong - Moss Living

An Interview with Christina Armstrong of Moss Living

En Gold spoke with Currumbin-based ceramist Christina Armstrong from Moss Living to talk about her creative process, favourite Gold Coast spots and more!

Get to know the artist that lights up our clients' homes with her beautiful ceramic pieces.

Can you take us through your journey into making ceramic pieces?

Sure. I’ve always loved the idea of making pottery pieces. It’s a fascinating craft that dates back for centuries and that has always captivated my imagination. I was lucky enough to cross paths with the incredibly talented ceramist Marloe Morgan of Marloe Marloe. I met Marloe through my fiancé Matt and we instantly hit it off and she basically took me under her wing and showed me the ropes from her amazing studio back when she was working out the back of The Dust Temple in Currumbin industrial area. I came in day after day and learnt how to work with clay, how to mix slip, how to glaze, how to fire. Marloe gave me the encouragement to try something I’d always wanted to and from that day I haven’t looked back. It wasn’t long until I had my own kiln and how I like to describe it as ‘playing with Clay’ in my own studio at home. I have learned by making more mistakes than I can remember and have spent many nights sitting beside my kiln praying to the ceramic gods for my works not to explode in the kiln. I will always be grateful for being able to learn a new craft that will forever follow with me on my creative journey. I have so much respect for talented ceramists like Marloe who to this day still inspire me to push ahead and work hard to improve my skills. I feel it's important to have other creatives inspire you daily.

Christina Armstrong from Moss Living in her studio

We love having your pieces here at En Gold, can you talk us through your favourite piece from this collection?

I am on cloud 9 that I’m part of En Gold, it’s truly such an incredible opportunity to be part of the En Gold family. It’s a difficult decision to make as I love each and every piece that I form and every piece that comes out of my kiln. Always surprised with each outcome. But if I had to choose one it would be the MARGARIDA Vase meaning ‘Daisy Flower’ In honour of my late Mother Daisy.

Margarida Vase by Moss Living

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I’ve spoken of this previously when I launched my latest series ‘Minhas Raízes’. My mother Daisy was a lover of handmade art. As a child I was surrounded by beautiful art pieces; sculptures, textiles. Mum was an avid collector of all things handmade and to this day I still find inspiration in the memories of these works. My personal passion is collecting Art and creating my home as a personal Gallery of beauty. We need to support local artists.

You’re a Gold Coast native, can you tell us your favourite hidden gems?

If I’m 100% honest; I am such a home body and I literally just love being home with my fiancé and fur babies (especially these days with Covid)… However if I do need to step out as a necessity for a meeting or some food, you cannot go past The Dust Temple as a meeting space, coffee stop, or to check out some amazing local artists or musicians. The place has it all and I really love stopping in there. There’s a strong community connection at Dust Temple. We really loved the Fish House at Burleigh Heads for a fancy night experience. Ohh Lala

What are your go to songs when it comes to creating and working?

I have to admit I am in love with any version of Spanish or Flamenco Guitar. It instantly takes me to a wonderland and the creativity and imagination is endless when I am in my zone with this music playing. I also play a lot of Brazilian music, this sets off my inner heritage of being Brazilian.

What would be your ultimate self-care day look like?

For me it’s waking up each day with a sense of simplicity in my life. We over complicate our days and we forget the importance of self-care. Taking care of your inner health, mental health and surrounding ourselves with like minded people that support you.

What does a work week look like for you?

I’m very grateful for the opportunity to work from home, so each week, each day is always different. Being a solo business owner I have a lot of tasks to get through as multitasking is my daily routine. It's very important to me that I don’t put too much stress on myself and what I can achieve in a day's work is enough. I have personally experienced this and have seen many small business owners become stressed, getting anxiety and doubting one’s self abilities. Being organised is important and at the same time be kind to yourself.

What would be the best part of your job?

I must admit I’m very grateful for my ability to be able to work from my beautiful home/studio here in Currumbin. I simply adore my own space and being able to not have to go out into the hustle and bustle of the world. I’m very lucky. I can set my own hours, play my choice of music, burn my favourite incense and the best part is having my fur babies by my side.

What is your definition of success?

Success for me is the feeling of accomplishment at the end of a day. Having my health, my sanity and being cared for and loved by my man is something I will always be very grateful for. It’s not about how much money is in the bank, how many ‘Followers and Likes’ you get, how picture perfect your home is. Success to me is happiness, being compassionate and kind.

Finish this sentence; My business is unique because…

I choose to do what I love and my creativity will be shared and loved by others in their homes. If you love what you do then you will make magic happen. If anyone was to ask any advise starting their own business it would be 'Risk it for the biscuit' 'be inspired by others and not compare yourself and simplify your vision as great things will come from that'.

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