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Up Close with Olivia Lova a l'Eau De Rose

Up Close with Olivia Lova a l'Eau De Rose

En Gold gets up close and personal with the #LAMPSHADEQUEEN

Get to know the artist that's lighting up our clients home's with her charming lamp designs.

Olivia Lova a l'Eau De Rose Lamps


Tell us about where you live in France and how it inspires your creativity?

I live in France in Bordeaux, a marvellous city that I have chosen from the bottom of my heart as Haussmannian architecture is a daily source of inspiration. I love to walk in Bordeaux narrow streets and admire the majestic details of old mansions. I imagine romance scenarios of the 18th century social life that lift my spirit and boost my creativity!

Growing up, what was your dream career?

I was early bathed in elegance ! When I was 5 I used to wear my mother's Chanel lipstick. I explored my grandmother's pink & red nail polish collection, and I did "bedroom catwalks" with my cousin's extrentic 90s wardrobe!

Thanks to my childhood influences, I have evolved in an aesthetic and refined world, and as my first job I became a make up artist :)

Who is your style icon?

Victoria Beckham’s minimal style from the 90s !!

What do you love about Australia?

The renowned kindness of the Australians: easy going, friendly, I feel close to this mindset!

unique lamps


What is the first thing you notice when you enter someone's home?

Interior style harmony: Feng SHUI!

What's your homeware must have?

Candles - I couldn't live without candles!! I love the atmosphere created by candlelight.

Who is one of your favourite designers?

I am rather inspired by vintage style, I love sourcing vintage treasures. I particularly adore the nightwear selection of @___efff and the modern and contemporary objects of @casashoprare

What's your favourite En Gold piece and why?

Rosa Vene Marble Plinth - I love this very simple and clean geometric style, and this abstract rose is simply exquisite!

Olivia Lova a l'Eau De Rose


If you could describe your brand in three words, what would they be?

Unique. Feminine. Yummy!

What was the inspiration behind your brand?

A mix of vintage and modern style

What is your 'go to' music to get you motivated?

RnB from the early 2000!

What's the most fun part of your job?

Chasing trends, sourcing products, testing new colours, making combinations with different lamps and lampshades, receiving my new collections. It is all so exciting to me!!

Finish this sentence; Olivia Lova a l'Eau De Rose is unique because...

I customise my collections myself, I create unique combinations of colours and textures, I like to seek originality and create a "NEED !!" in people's minds!

My business is borrowed from my energy, working for myself is my freedom of artistic expression, I will always cherish my ambition through new and exciting projects. My sister takes care of the logistics of my brand and brings her special touch to each package, as we make sure my customers receive a lot of love !

Light up your room and purchase one of Olivia's pretty little lamps here.

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