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marble stone vessel

Introducing the En Gold Vessel Series

An exploration of sculpted geometric shape and contrasting materials. The carved stone vessel challenges the controlled and precise nature of form by appearing to weightlessly fall onto the Lucite orb.

These pieces stand powerful and strong - a statement that mirrors the inspiration taken from a time when women ruled the power suit, convertible cars had phones and interiors were curated, clean and minimalistic.

The Vessel Series take their form featuring three mediums, Travertine, Marron Emperador and Lucite. The Travertine's organic nature featuring waves of grey and beige veins, and naturally occurring holes and troughs throughout. A calm stone that is synonymous with sophisticated design.

While the Marron Emperador, a rich and opulent marble, featuring dark tonality alternating with cream contrasting creating depth to the stone. This dimensional marble with earthy tones is the grounding aspect to accompany any space

The ultimate elevation to any coffee table, bookshelf, or nook within your home.

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