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An Interview with Noka

An Interview with Noka

Noka is a conceptual candle brand designed and made in Indonesia by Noemie and Karima. Every candle by Noka is 100% handmade with love. Made from a blend of vegetable wax and finished off with lead free eco wicks to ensure a beautiful clean burn.

Noka is an exploration of two women embarking on a journey to evoke the senses through shapes and colours. The ecological and ethical challenges that weigh on our generation has been a source of innovation to develop products completely handcrafted with as much natural materials realistically possible.

To celebrate the Noka candle collection being part of the En Gold family we spoke with the Noemie and Karima.

How did you start your career?
As most career’s start, everything shapes itself around an idea that then becomes a reality, we at Noka are not that different. It started as most Saturday's, by the pool talking and soaking up the sun. We started with countless ideas and finally ended up with our epiphanic concept of creating what we are today, hand-sculpted melting art pieces. We wanted to make something that could transform the feeling of a space, allowing people to curate and evoke in them their own sense of home, especially in a time where people's home became their world.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Our inspiration is based on reminiscing back to simpler times into one’s upbringing, surroundings and travels. Everything that we create has to evoke an emotion. The inspiration for our first collection “The Love That Remains” is an eclectic mix of objects and design, The piece “A Summer In Lago Di Garda” was inspired by the similarities of our childhood memories where our families had spent summers by the lakes of Italy. The spherical dome shapes sculpted into elegant heights are inspired by the game of stacking pebbles, giving a sense of joy and playfulness.

Describe your average work day:

Noka is still at the very beginning of its journey which makes our days very diverse and exciting. We never really know what to expect or what the new projects are that are going to need our time and devotion. Until recently, our team only consisted of the two of us, Karima and Noémie. Everyday, we would learn and accomplish most of the tasks required for our project to expand, varying from product design, R&D, public relations, visual branding and production. It has been a true rollercoaster and each moment has been filled with amazing surprises.

What’s your go to rule with interiors?
Find a stand out piece and start from there. This is what we call a hero piece, something that will captivate your eye the moment you enter a room. This can be from a fabulous lamp to a handcrafted sculpted candle. Your hero piece is there to steal the light. It should be something you fell in love with the moment you laid eyes upon it.

How would you describe your aesthetic?

We try to direct ourselves into creating minimalist designs and aesthetics. Our initial idea was to bring functionality and creativity together. Sculptured candles are special in the way that throughout its product life, it continues to evolve. Every time it is lit, the candle morphs into a different versions of itself, creating a performance while transforming the ambiance of a room.

One piece that instantly elevates a space.

A Delicate Belonging combines both elegant and whimsical features. This piece begins as a pillar, only to surprise the eye with its defined curvy end. Its unique characteristics and size makes it an ideal statement piece.

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