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Roky Mirror

An exploration of shape and dimension using our signature thick, transparent lucite. The Roky Mirror creates a water like fluidity in its appearance whilst attracting a point of interest into any space. 

  • MATERIAL: Lucite and glass
    • Height 800mm
    • Width 500mm
    • Thickness 50mm
  • WEIGHT: Approximately 20kg

When hanging your mirror, we advise partnering with a trade professional to ensure your mirror is hung correctly according to your wall type. We are unable to provide specific hardware as every wall is different (eg. Plasterboard, concrete, brick, tile) and in this case there is no safe “one size fits all”. For this reason we have designed the mirror to have two generic routed holes on the back to hook your hardware into, this also minimises the risk of uneven weight distribution causing falling, which can occur when wiring products of this nature.

Moving & Caring

Lucite is a type of acrylic material. Care should be taken to avoid sharp edge objects as it will easily scratch. Light surface scratches may be able to be removed using a professional polisher.

Our lucite pieces are wrapped in white foam. This can leave slight residue behind. Simply clean off with a soft damp cloth, light pressure may need to be applied to work the residue off the surface.

For basic cleaning we recommend using a clean, microfiber cloth specified for glass cleaning along with glass cleaner (such as Windex) This may need to be done after unpacking your piece to clean off any residue from the packaging materials.