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Pond / River / Lake

Professional cleaning is advised for all Made by En Gold Rugs.

Whilst we understand spills and stains are unexpected. If needing to spot clean a Silk Bamboo rug; clean spills immediately, simply dab/blot the stained area with a white absorbent cloth or paper towel. Please note the application of harsh chemicals to silk bamboo can affect the natural dyes within the fibres.

Never rub a spill as this will spread stains as they absorb into the surrounding fibres of the stain. If unsure, please seek advice from a professional carpet cleaning service.

Do not steam clean or dry-clean your rug, avoid harsh chemicals.

En Gold rugs are not machine washable.

This fibre is a natural fibre please expect your rug to shed loose fibres until they have worked their way out. Depending on use, this can take several months. This is an expected characteristic of natural fibres and should not be considered a fault.

Our rugs are batch dyed, please allow for some variation and possibly some inconsistency in the overall colour. fading may occur overtime in. particular when placed in direct sunlight.