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fossil stone furniture

Discover the Incredible Journey of our Estrella Collection

The art of Fossil Stone Furniture is a traditional handcrafted skill unique to the islands in the Philippines. This is something close to En Gold Founder, Steffanie Ball, who comes from a Filipino heritage. Our craftsman were producing these designs more than 30 years ago and it was through our partnership that we were able to revive and in turn, reignite a traditional craft.

Constructed using a type of limestone that has been agatized with fossils that were once left on the ocean floor, it is through this natural process that the seashell and coral-like figures create the organic characteristics of the stone. This fine creation is one of a kind and only found in one place on the earth.

Every aspect of the journey is handcrafted, the overall process of fossil stone furniture requires a high degree of skill and craftsmanship. Under environmental conservation, the stone is hand quarried and sorted.

Being a soft and porous material, the stone is then hand carved into smooth and rough tiles.

Meticulously aligned on a timber frame for strength and stability. These designs are then honed over several stages to bring the overall form to life, a process that requires an incredible amount of patience and skill.

mactan stone furniture

Here at En Gold, we hold pride in each and every item that is produced in our Estrella Collection. We are connected to the hands that have built your piece and we value the journey it has taken to come into your space.

With your support, we have been able to generate countless jobs, sustaining many families within this region. We are proud to offer this beautiful craft through our Estrella Collection, whilst we continue our efforts to support and contribute back to the Philippines through our efforts with charitable organisations.

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