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Compassion For Crisis.

Compassion For Crisis.

En Gold Support Destroyed Communities in The Philippines- Ravaged by Super Typhoon Odette.

Our ties to the Philippines have always been at the core of who we are as a brand. With a Filipino heritage and extreme pride for representing Filipino craftsmanship, En Gold Founding Director Steffanie Ball, has made sure this message is at the centre piece of who we are as a brand. So, when the news broke of Typhoon Odette (Rai) completely ravaging our beautiful community of Cebu, it hit close to home.
A Painstaking 4 days went past before we received any news that our 100+ team were alive. As the images and horror stories unfolded live on social media, we were left heartbroken and devastated.
The silence is deafening, the death toll climbing daily, and increasing anxiety of the lack of drinking water, food, shelter and government aid, the cries for help cannot be ignored.
We come together as a community supporting the homeland of Australia's 5th largest migrant population. The Filipino community is ingrained in the multicultural makeup that unifies Australia. We raise awareness and we give selflessly to those who need it most. For the families and children who have been left homeless and without survival resources, just 3 days from Christmas.
En Gold have committed to donate 100% of profits made from our Boxing Day Sale Collection on 23.12.21. This will be donated to our Filipino community directly affected by typhoon Odette, and in partnership with Waves For Water PH.
*All 'sale' net profits made from 10am 23.12.21- 10am 24.12.21 will be donated to directly to rebuilding the lives of our En Gold family in Cebu and in partnership with Waves For Water PH.*
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